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Congratulations! The tattoo industry is among the first to receive a domain extension of its very own. You can now get for your business, your brand or your next big idea!

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Your domain is one of the most essential aspects of your digital brand. The release of the new .tattoo extension provides the opportunity to enhance your brand with the perfect domain.

  • Your Name

    If you love your tattoos put your name to it.

  • Your Studio

    If you love your tattoo studio put your name to it.

  • Your Brand

    If you love your brand put your name to it.

  • Your Idea

    If you love your idea put your name to it.


With the .com space so cluttered, tattoo studios and artists have been forced to settle for less than perfect domains. Now with the launch of .tattoo, a mega opportunity for great names has opened up.


Little Choice

Most great names
are taken.

Perfect Choice

Great names are


Branded and relevant .tattoo domains have the potential to improve your web presence and grow your business. Combined with a Tattoo Prosite, it's the perfect solution for any industry pro interested in taking their business to the next level.

Grow Your Traffic

Domains that are reflective of their website's content are becoming a key ingredient for search engine rankings.

Multiply Your Web Presence

The .tattoo extension offers opportunities for multiple highly relevant domains to capture even more traffic. Consider purchasing as well as

Grow Your Brand

A memorable .tattoo domain and website that engages your audience are the best way to give your brand a boost.

Grow Your Profits

A great Web address combined with a professional tattoo website are the best ingredients for taking your business to the next level and making your profits go up, up, up.


We offer all the tools needed to bring the .tattoo space to life with eye catching and highly functional websites that empower the industry to reach its fullest online potential.



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Our easy to use tools make it a breeze to keep your website up to date with examples of your latest work, blogs, and events.

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